In recent years, the rate of technological development and the associated advance of equipment have rapidly increased in all scientific fields, including scientific imaging. As a result, the technology and equipment used in scientific imaging have become increasingly technical and complicated, while at the same time being more accessible to scientists, engineers and general users. A consequence of these two factors is the rising difficulty in keeping abreast of developments in one’s own area of expertise and in maintaining a functional understanding and awareness of related technology areas. The need for the Scientific Imaging Association of South Africa (SIASA) was identified as a result of the rapid technological growth. 

All individuals, work groups and institutions focussing on scientific imaging, as well as all those using any form of scientific imaging as a tool in order to acquire data for their work, are invited to join. SIASA will provide a specialised niche function, focussed on the tools used in investigative studies, complimentary to the capabilities provided by other local organisations in this field. Where other organisations typically focus on outcomes and results in the field of study, SIASA’s focus is more on the “Materials and Methods” aspects by emphasizing skills development in optimal experimental design, techniques, setup, execution and equipment usage.

Please read more on the Society on the webpages here, and if interested, and you find it relevant, please sign up, sending through your contact details.