Scientific Imaging Association of South Africa

We are happy to announce the online launch event of SIASA (Scientific Imaging Association of South Africa). The formation of SIASA has been a long time coming, however we are excited as this is going to be the first multi-disciplinary focused imaging tool workgroup in South Africa.

The objectives of SIASA are directed towards providing a networking platform for multidisciplinary practitioners to facilitate resource and knowledge sharing as well as professional development by means of partnership development, group meetings and regular seminars. In such a way, a community where highly technical skills, techniques and hard won “tips” and “tricks” are shared and disseminated, will be promoted. A better appreciation and understanding of complimentary and associated imaging disciplines and techniques can be developed and the rapid growth of young engineers and scientists using this technology will be stimulated.

The launch webinar will consist of the following Agenda:

Brief introductory address by Dr J. David Reinecke – CSIR, Acting Chair – SIASA.

Followed by the first in the series of presentation on imaging techniques, equipment, advances and results. This address is by MatchId from Ghent in Belgium titled “MT2.0: the next generation of mechanical tests based on deformation imaging” presented by Prof F. Pierron and Dr. P.Lava (around 45 minutes).

Ending the day will be a brief discussion on SIASA and the way forward (15 minutes).


Please join us at 15H00 on Wednesday 26 October. The link to join the online event is here.